First Time Cruise for Jay and Bess 2019

7 Essentials For The Best First Time Cruise

What are the top 7 essential things needed for first-time cruisers? No doubt about it: There’s a certain been-there-done-that aspect to many cruises. Unless you’ve booked yourself on outliers such as an expedition ship to the Galapagos or a port-intensive, low-occupancy river cruise in Europe, travellers who board large mass-market ships have largely the same […]


What Is African Swine Fever?

What is African Swine Fever? According to the CDC it’s bad – this disease could be the worst animal disease ever. I hope it gets squashed immediately before it becomes anything more than a headline. The CDC says that: “African swine fever is one of the most dangerous diseases of swine.” It’s highly contagious among […]