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5 Breakthrough Ways For Communicating Effectively With Seniors

Speak with respect to old people

This article was brought to you by Extra Hand In-Home Care, California’s premier non medical In-Home care company. Okay, caregiving for seniors can be rewarding but it can also be stressful. There are ways to communicate with seniors that make for an easier day and cause less frustration. Here are 5 straight forward ways that will cause a breakthrough in your communication if they are already readily apparent.

So here goes.


The first piece of advice for having a proper and constructive dialogue with a senior in a caregiving setting is to sit back and listen first. Listening in combination with direct eye contact will set the tone that you are here for them and to listen to what they need to say and this is a small factor in reinforcing trust in a relationship.

Don’t interrupt the elderly when they’re speaking and don’t fill in gaps of silence during the conversation a pause means that they’re thinking about something meaningful to say let them say it.

Put yourself in their shoes consider what it’s like to be old and have the world run by people younger than you think about what a twist unreality how completely different perspective worldview they must have. When a senior has trouble controlling themselves or their environment do your best to keep them involved in conversations and decisions they’re able to participate in.

Do not give advice and last advice is asked for

A guy once said don’t give advice unless someone is paying you for it because they were either ignore it or resent you for giving it to them. Sometimes it’s best to have a neutral third-party advisor on the outside be the one providing advisement; things can be done in a much more productive manner that way. Giving unsolicited advice is actually quite imposing and alludes to deeper issues of the self.

Speak clearly and with distinction

Many older adults are hard of hearing. For this, don’t mumble or speak quickly, keep  your sentences focused and short. Be clear with your words, don’t shout or condescend but use clear diction.

Cultivate an environment for conversation

Turn off the TV make sure there’s no loud sounds competing with your voices. Cultivate a comfortable setting. Usually the best conversations or had had a dining room table or the side by side in arm chairs. On a side note when arranging tables for a group of people be sure that the elder is not at the end of the table or the outskirts of a seating set up is there a place in the middle of so that the conversation is happening around them.

Make sure you can laugh

Laughter brightens the day and lightens the load and can raise morale. I shared laugh can dissolve any tension and I can help support relationship building. Laughter also helps release endorphins which is enables a physiological sense of calm, a relaxed high that we can all enjoy.

When it comes down to it conversations and words exchanged between people are some of the most best ways of not only communicating but also living in society.

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