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5 Tips For In Home Caregivers To Keep Seniors Out Of The Hospital

Nobody wants to go to the hospital ever. This goes double for seniors; in-home care providers must be cautious with their seniors to make sure they stay out of the hospital. There are easily 5 things you can do to be proactive. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to providing a rich and vibrant environment as an in home caregiver.

Physical activity
Getting enough exercise is essential to one’s well-being and overall health. Your doctor is today’s deFacto boss when it comes to determining the optimal level of physical activity your loved one can accomplish.

Discuss with your doctor and your loved ones and your caregiver how much exercise what movement and what needs to be done to stay active because our Rolling Stone gathers no moss.

Eating healthy and nutrition
Food will make or break you.people will either eat healthy whole nutritious foods or people will have a diet of garbage take your gas and which one will last longer. Take your gas and which one will have early onset diabetes. Take your gas and which person will develop severe inflammation and arthritis sooner. Guess who is going to live longer the Big Mac scarfing,  junk food popping, addict sucking down diet cola, or the salad eating, salmon grilling ,avocado munching, MCT oil consuming health oriented individual.

Safety and supervision
Having a Home set up with railings is one thing but making sure your elderly loved one is not trying to do something they shouldn’t like take the stairs to the basement for some crazy reason or try to reach something at the back of the tallest kitchen cabinet. It is no fun to slip and fall and break your hip.

Getting out and about
Breaking up the monotony of the double every day grind and getting outside and seeing something new or going outside and hiking a short familiar path whatever it is getting out and about is essential to well-being. Loneliness causes depression and bringing someone to family members or friends or two events or two places is a remedy. A good idea for providing in-home care services would be to connect your senior with a group of like-minded seniors to which they could meet on a regular basis and play a card game or do knitting or simply visiting and having something to drink. The key here is to reconnect with nature and outdoors and dissolve the feeling of isolation by being around other people.

Medication Organization
Managing medicine and being observant of side effects and symptoms. Speak to a doctor if you see that your loved one is or maybe mixing up the medicine it is up to you to help them keep track and keep organizing have a system so meds do not get missed or over taken.

Non-medical in home care providers have to wear many different hats in the day-to-day routine with elderly. It’s physical it’s mental it’s emotional and depending on the person that is being worked with it can be a lovely in the lightning or I can be grueling it all depends on your mindset. Help cultivate healthy atmosphere healthy living and strong physical and emotional well-being and happiness can be created with persevering mindset don’t let that bade you in your in-home care service it is a tough job and for the ones who do it they should be commended.

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