First Time Cruise for Jay and Bess 2019

7 Essentials For The Best First Time Cruise

What are the top 7 essential things needed for first-time cruisers? No doubt about it: There’s a certain been-there-done-that aspect to many cruises. Unless you’ve booked yourself on outliers such as an expedition ship to the Galapagos or a port-intensive, low-occupancy river cruise in Europe, travellers who board large mass-market ships have largely the same […]


What Is African Swine Fever?

What is African Swine Fever? According to the CDC it’s bad – this disease could be the worst animal disease ever. I hope it gets squashed immediately before it becomes anything more than a headline. The CDC says that: “African swine fever is one of the most dangerous diseases of swine.” It’s highly contagious among […]

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Why Learn Spanish?

Why learn Spanish? Maybe you’re considering learning a new language. Maybe you’re even toying with the idea of Spanish. In any event, you might be wondering why you should learn Spanish, or how you would even start. The truth is that there are a bunch of reasons to learn Spanish, and even if you live in […]