Richard Overton

Caring For And Listening To WWII Veterans Who Are Exemplary Seniors

There are over half a million world war veterans being cared for in senior living centers and by families and also in-home caregivers.  World War II was won thanks to the perseverance and determination of the people who are now resting in senior living centers or being cared for at home. And what’s great is that there is Veteran aid assistance available.

Soldiers of World War II fought against fascism. Most of them have passed but a few remain the toughest of the top the strongest of the strong the ones who will not give in. We must honor them and take care of them, for they sacrificed so much.

These men and women are living quiet relaxing lives but in the past they faced fierce opposition in the form of War. War is hell and they lived through it and survived. The ones that lived and the ones that sacrificed their lives both need to be saluted.

According to US Department of Veterans Affairs statistics, 558,000 of the 16 million Americans who served in World War II are alive in 2017. These veterans have sacrificed so much and we have our freedom because of that. United States of America is a Democratic Republic founded on ideals of Liberty and these veterans upheld that and we must thank them.

In-home caregivers that care for seniors will commonly hear stories about the past. Some of these stories are happy and some of them are heart-wrenching but they must be heard.

Their stories are priceless. World War II holds a special place in our history because the war was epic. The battleground was the entire world and super powers collided.

Today we have so many men and women being cared for and these seniors are owed a huge debt of gratitude and respect that many people have lost sight of.

May 11, 2018 marked the birthday of Richard Overton, the nation’s oldest living World War II veteran who turned 112. He is a symbol of greatness and perseverance. He’s a living monument to the soldiers of World War II and everybody should take notice and send him a prayer.

Memorial Day has just come and gone and we are coming up on the 4th of July which is Independence Day. So many millennials have trouble understanding what sacrifice is, and they should take a lesson or two from these great seniors.

As more and more stoic World War veterans pass on we must remember their sacrifice and we must embody their spirit of rugged individualism and of picking oneself up by their own bootstraps, and love of liberty.

Too many people today have fallen prey to marxist propaganda disguised as social justice. The nonsensical protests and resistance movements have been orchestrated and played out by useful idiots who have no sense of history. The people who take a knee while our Star Spangled Banner is played, and while our flag is saluted betray the sacrifice of our elders. It is up to you and me to set them straight. And while many short-sighted and misdirected people may want to Rebel, as it is natural, they must be turned to logic and reason, and be made to understand that they need to rebel against cultural Marxism, not against the flag or against our American institutions. We must uphold and promote our nation’s heritage with respect. And the seniors who are still alive and the men and women who gave their lives are a huge part of that.

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