So The World Is Made Of Language

Butterfly Catcher, Language Creates Reality Terence McKenna Eager To Catch A Butterfly

In a talk given by Terence McKenna he described William James the great psychologist of the turn-of-the-century who said we are born into a blooming buzzing confusion. Terence went on to say that’s what we have which is a good description of the DMT trip.

We reside in a blooming buzzing confusion as a baby until we get our language skills together and then we begin to mosaic over the confusion with concepts and we begin to create culture.

Strides forward in the 20th century has been the general understanding that man creates reality through language. Reality is made of words and many realities can be made through the words we speak. They can be mutually exclusive realities they do not necessarily have to map to each other for example language in the world of the Hopi medicine man compared to the world of the communist bureaucrat.

“So the world is made of language.”

You know Aldous Huxley had the notion of the brain acting as a reducing valve to cut back and discern the environment for my senses only two what is absolutely necessary and perceive what is vital for survival in a tiny stream. When you take a psychedelic substance it opens that reducing valve and washes away all assumptions. Cultural assumptions are dissolved and perspective comes to the nitty-gritty and not what is culturally sanctioned.

There is value to have your lens of perception washed and to see the world with fresh eyes.

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